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Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama in Mexico with Canadian PM: Three Amigos Will Take on Swine Flu

Obama in Mexico: Three Amigos Will Take on Swine Flu

Trade, drug violence and swine flu on agenda at North American summit

Updated 6:40 AM EDT, Mon, Aug 10, 2009

The "Three Amigos" are joining forces to battle swine flu.
Barack Obama is not expected to make much progress resolving a free trade spat with Mexico or curbing drug war violence that has spilled across that nation's border. But the president will likely conclude a speedy two-day summit with Mexico and Canada in Guadalajara later today with a plan to catch the flu.
"We're going to do everything possible to minimize the impact," John Brennan, Obama's top White House adviser on homeland security told The Associated Press. "There is going to be a joint statement on how the three countries ... tackle the H1N1 challenge."
On Sunday, Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon aired grievances on longstanding trade issues and shared strategies to combat rising drug violence. The discussion was "cordial" but short on progress, according to reports.

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