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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what happened to the H1N1 Pandemic?

What ever happened to the H1N1 Pandemic? Why are we still at the highest threat level for the WHO?

The mainstream news, a month ago:  
(Click to Enlarge)Now, - (December 15, 2009) not even a peep... the latest news story about h1n1 came out today but it was about a Vaccine recall.

Here are some comments people are making on the matter.. written today.

"I've heard almost nothing about over the past 2 weeks.

"Yeah I've heard little to nothing about the swine flu in the last few weeks, I ask my mom who's a nurse if many people been coming in to the hospital with  swine flu or even the regular flu and she's said  NOBODY with the swine flu has even came. "

"Yeah - its gone real quiet on the piggy flu front - maybe they think if they dont mention it any more then we`ll forget anything happened !"

"Haven't you heard? The NFL season is in its final stretch, so THAT has priority over anything else! Sarcasm"

"I've noticed the decrease in the propaganda as well. I think TPTB decided to cool the rhetoric for a month so that people wouldn't be too scared to go out for Christmas shopping. Expect a new round of hype in the MSM in January."

"There's no reports of any deaths where I am, but all over the radio and TV, there's advertisements encouraging people to take the vaccine. It's errie.  Never before have I ever seen a vaccine so actively pushed on the people before, ever.."

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