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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Freemason & me

I've been curious about freemasonry for a while now, not sure why, it's like the 'I want what I can't have' situation... were told nothing about it, it's secret, it's got deep, deep history, and famous, influential people are members. I can't help but be curious.

one day my car was in the shop getting repairs done, I had no choice but to call over for a dealership shuttle to pick me up.
Before I know it an older, 80 yr old man pulls up. I get in and we start driving.
on the way over I noticed his ring and right away i thought it looked like a Freemason ring.
as i said I was curious, so i gathered up some courage and asked him about it.
"is that a freemason ring"
"it's a shriners ring"
He proceeded to tell me that first you had to be a freemason to be a shriner.
and that someone whos a freemason has to invite you in order to join.
I asked him what the criteria was for joining.
you know what he said?
"you have to believe in a devine leader of somesort in order to be member"
doesn't matter what it is? I thought.
my curiosity was peaked.
I knew that the masons had some 'occult' connections as I saw on discovery and history channel after researching a bit on this topic you can't help but run into this 'conspiracy' everywhere, some would say satanic tendencies.
see A Freemason caught saying he is 'lucifer'

see what I mean? it's everywhere.
so I asked if someone were to believe in Satanism would that matter.
He said "it's open to everyone, as long as you believe in some leader."
I was embarrassed by that question.

The entire time I was with him, the thought of asking him about pentagrams in the halls was tempting, but I didn't want to offend the guy. 
but I’ve seen photos inside mason halls and there's a pentagrams everywhere.

how are you supposed to interpret that.

He then proceeded to tell me that "we have" Judges, police, lawyers, painters, plumbers... in the 'order' "
Apparently everyone's a freemason.
and that "everyone takes an oath of secrecy in the masonry."
and as a new-libertarian I'm extremely tolerant to people's freedom's of all kinds including expression to worship, as the video says "Lucifer." But as I contemplated this, a year has passed since I had this dialogue with the man I call 'freeman'… I wonder, about those in "authority", who are... or are not... aware that this organization promotes, the satanic doctrine..  Ensuring that the general population never becomes aware of this fact... or fiction as some would have you believe of their powerful influence on society.

As I left the car i felt reassured that I was not to join this organization and more determined than ever to help inform the 'porch freemasons' (low level) to the sad reality, which awaits high level freemasonry.

fact: Did you know the Freemasonry websites promote implanting Microchips in children. I'm no christian by any stretch of the imagination but even I, an atheist admit that this is not a good road to be heading on. Can we all it and give up the denial.. Big Brother is here.

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