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Friday, July 30, 2010


Dave. H. W.

The 90+ thousand documents released to the mainstream media from WIKILEAKS seem suspicious. Suspicious, as in, how the mainstream media is spinning this information.

To anyone who has reviewed and studied the evidence, this ‘gusher-gate’ of documents seems to give fuel to the already out of control MSM fire, not only to push the lie that is, the ‘war on terror’. But now the spin is focused on targeting Pakistan and Iran (insert link here) in a clever soft false flag attack.
‘Simply drop the “Q” and replace it with an “N” ’, as I’ve heard others say.
Remember when Bush, Cheney, Powell and others, including the lap-dog mainstream-dying-media, said there were WMD’s in Iraq when we all now know, there weren’t any.

The media seems to be pushing the same playbook of deceiving the public, albeit with an angle slightly more sophisticated; the spin-cycle manipulation of the WIKILEAKS documents.
Indirectly driving the lie, the myth, of AL-CIA-DUH and the Taliban, an excuse to further thrust the ‘war on terror’ onto unsuspecting independent countries who oppose the destructive grip of the NATO/Globalist clique.
When you consider that one of Obama’s top advisors, Zbigniew Brzezinski, on record  set up Al-Qaeda in the 1980’s. You can’t help but wonder why the public hasn’t woken up to the far reaching tentacles of the CIA and their manipulation of our foreign policy.
The Wikileaks documents ensure that the general public, who still believe in the official 9/11 lie, in which 19 highjackers from caves were able to take down NORAD, remain trustworthy to the falsehood of this manufactured ‘lie’ and reject the overwhelming evidence that our own gov’t and other foreign intelligence services working in complicit-duality, are indeed responsible for the atrocities of Sept 11, 2001.

Maybe Aaron Russo was right.

Mr. Russo was informed by Nick Rockefeller in 2002, regarding the plan to ‘occupy Pakistan to set up a pipeline to the Caspian Sea’.
Is this what we will see?

Weather Wikileaks knows it or not. They are being used as a pawn, it would be impossible for Gibb or even Obama to stand up there and tell the world that IRAN and/or Pakistan has ties with the Taliban and WMD’s, it’s too soon, it would be compared with Iraq’s debacle (and rightly so).
BUT, if you get a somewhat credible organization (I use the term lightly) like WIKILEAKS to ‘reveal’ this information at a grassroots level, to then pretend that the gov’t is ‘concerned’ because of its possible ‘national security’ implications.
Then congratulations you have successfully deceived and swindled the gullible public into thinking… ‘gee, maybe Iran and Pakistan ARE a real threat.’ (couldn’t be further from the truth) and now you MSM lap-dogs, and Globalists gov’t minions, you’ve won this round, the continuation of this lie that the war on terror is not only warranted but desired… get ready of round 2.

Dear Mainstream Media
 We the people, see right through your lies and deception.

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