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Thursday, January 14, 2010


The role of Denver International Airport (DIA). In building government bunkers? According to the recent Trutv investigation of massive solar flare activity (which supposedly agrees with NASA scientific predictions from 2006) which can severely cripple much of the power grid that will leave over 100 million people in America without electricity, water, etc. On Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, it was purported that the government is preparing for this calamity by building underground facilities for 'continuity of government' purposes.

The Denver airport was heavily featured on the show.

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres. Its construction forced the Stapleton International airport to shut down, although it used more gates and runways than the DIA. The initial cost of construction was 1.7 billion $ but the final project elevated the bill to 4.8 billion: 3.1 BILLION $ over budget. Numerous irregularities have been reported regarding the construction of the site:

■110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground.
■5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison).
■Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. Not the norm for a commercial airport.
■Granite imported from all over the world even if the project was already grossly over budget.
■Construction of a huge tunnel system (trucks can circulate in them) and underground trains.

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