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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Haiti Earthquake Disaster PHOTOS! - Everybody wants to see Haiti Earthquake’s Victims Photos and after haiti earthquake this is very tragic trend amung people. What it reveals from the death pictures coming from Haiti every now and then, is not the reality. The reality is somethng beyond pictures or mere words to describe it. The piles of dead bodies have even blocked many roads in Port-au-Prince. So far nearly 50,000 bodies have been discovered.

The victims of tragic devastation following Haiti earthquake are still looking forward for help from the outer world since the humanitarian efforts seem to be highly insufficient. The death has become so common out there on the island that all you see is a pile of dead victims which ever direction you look in.

The whole island is presenting the picture of a place where one has to cross over the dead to find his/her way out there in the streets of rotten city. The disaster has left the country in a kind numbed place where fetid and decomposed bodies are lying dumped in long straight lines almost everywhere. It seems as if the quake has deprived the resident off humanity and human feelings. Their tears have dried out for the ones that have survived though yet are half-dead due to the loss of life and property.

The international community has come to the occasion to help the poor people of Haiti and relief efforts have been engaged on a large scale. The UNO, Red Cross and other international organizations are putting in all efforts and resources to minimize the agonies of the Haitian. All the counties of the world have promised a big chunk of donations for the people of Haiti. Haitideath pictures are showing a dismal state of affairs and these are attracting the relief from all over the world.

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