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Saturday, January 16, 2010

MESSAGE FOR DANNY GLOVER: "you missed the boat on climate gate"

Actor Danny Glover Audio: comments regarding Haiti and global warming

Audio: MP3 clip (30 seconds) Listen and see if you can figure out his point.

Actor/Activist Danny Glover, during an online interview this week, hinted that global warming likely caused the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

*Editors note: A corporate controlled mainstream news network commented the following:

"Actor Danny Glover says the earthquake in Haiti is a result of global warming. Glover told GRITtv that it could have happened to any of the Caribbean island nations, quote: “They are all in peril because of global warming.” Then, he lamented the failure of the climate summit in Copenhagen. As a result of that failure, he says, “this is what happens.”
* Although we all think something should be done to rectify environmental problems we would have liked to have seen a little less of  "C02 tax" emphasis.

The Glover quote in full, from the interview with GRITtv (conducted by phone from Seattle with Laura Flanders), which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday, the 13th:

"I hope we seize this particular moment because the threat of what happened to Haiti is the threat that could happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know. They're all in peril because of global warming, they're all in peril because of climate change and all of this.... When we look back at what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm saying? But we have to act now."
Audio: MP3 clip (30 seconds) Listen and see if you can figure out his point.

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