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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Killing in the name of ... H1N1: RAGE AGAINST THE VACCINE

Editors Note: Apparently the WorldHealthOrganization Chief hasn't gotten her shot yet... WHAT THE @#$%!!!!!
While my family and friends were scared to death about this supposed "pandemic", which never materialized, they now regret getting the shot while they live in fear  ...

Question Authority and do not accept taking "Orders" from the WHO, take their recommendations into consideration, "but never will I ever take 'ORDERS'... from the WHO."
for Obvious reasons.

 (AFP) – Dec 29, 2009
GENEVA — World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan revealed Tuesday that she has yet to be vaccinated against the swine flu virus, which has killed over 11,500 people world-wide.
"I have asked my medical service to enquire where I can go to get my vaccination," she told reporters in Geneva, pointing out that she has just returned from leave.
The WHO director-general stressed that she would "of course" get vaccinated and that "many of my staff" at the WHO have already taken their jabs against the A(H1N1) virus.
Many countries rolled out their vaccination programmes over the past two months, but the take-up rate has been lower than expected.
Germany said in early December it wants to sell spare vaccines to other countries, while Switzerland said in mid-December that it would give away part of its stock to developing countries and sell another part to countries that are still trying to procure vaccines.

Quote from "Killing in the name of..." 
by Rage Against The Machine.

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